About TFT

Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa is a group of volunteers who came together following the April 27, 2011 storms in Alabama to provide immediate relief to the residents of North Alabama affected by the April 27th, 2011 tornadoes. Thanks to our dedicated volunteers and the generous outpouring of people all over the country, Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa is now a nationwide grassroots network. In 2 short weeks we  expanded from covering the Tuscaloosa area to providing support to communities and individuals across the whole of northern Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.

In the aftermath of the storms we intended to provide food and water to a few in the area. We oganized groups all over the South-East and further afield. We are sent supplies, equipment and volunteers where they were needed  the most.  But that wasn’t the end of our mission.  When the Joplin tornado struck Missouri, we helped to load four trucks that assisted Joplin, and personally loaded a 26′ truck that we took to Altus, Arkansas to aid in the tornado devastation the week after the Joplin storms where we helped set up their distribution facility for that area.

During Hurricane Irene, we helped get school supplies, generators, and canned food to Pamlico County, NC during the floods that came with Irene.

Our group helped adopt almost 300 children Christmas of 2011- children who were tornado survivors and needy families who just needed a hand-up during this difficult economic climate.

Thinking we were going to have some downtime, we were taken by surprise when an F-3 tornado struck the Trussville, Clay, and Centerpoint communities in Alabama- all of which so graciously donated time and resources during the April 27th storms.  Food was supplied to provide 14,000 meals there.  We set up a command post at a church in Clay and solicited food and supplies to keep a relief center there going for over 8 weeks.

Later in March of 2012, we assisted as Dadeville, AL was hit by a tornado and as Verbena had homes destroyed.  In Dadeville, we directed supplies and food for a cleanup weekend, and fed 600 meals.  We coordinated with a pastor in Verbena to help provide meals and supplies to residents and volunteers for four weekends.

Hurricane Isaac was not friendly to the Gulf Coast, and certainly not our friends in LaPlace, Louisiana.  We sent two truckloads and several trailer loads of supplies to Louisiana and adopted families there- providing baby items, clothing and immediate needs for them.

Now, Hurricane Sandy has destroyed a chunk of the Northeast and we are committed to help our friends who helped us.

When we aren’t immediately responding to natural disasters, we help people who may be facing storms in the lives- such as house fires, children battling cancer, and unusual needs that can’t be met by larger agencies.  We work to put neighbors in touch with one another so that they may help each other

Through our Facebook page we provide a network for donors and volunteers to find leaders and organizations in their area so they can participate in the support and care of their neighbors in need.

If you would like to help or need help in your area please contact us at toomersfortuscaloosa@yahoo.com