• Who do I e-mail questions/suggestions/comments to? E-mail through the contact page, or toomersfortuscaloosa@yahoo.com
  • Do we collect furniture? At this time we are not collecting furniture.  We are accepting furniture on a need by need basis.  When/if there is a need we will be posting those needs on our Facebook page.
  • Do we collect clothes? We are not accepting mass donations of clothes. We do ask for clothes on a case by case basis based on needs of those who contact us.  If you have clothes you want to donate please watch on our Facebook page for a request!
  • Do we take monetary donations? Yes.  We do take monetary donations.  You can donate online or contact us for an address to send checks to.
  • I see you use Crowdrise to accept donations, why did you change services? And why don’t you just use PayPal? We switched from the service we were previously using for the protection of those donating, Crowdrise is a safer option for donating.  Crowdrise also allows everyone to see how much as been donated, and who is donating!  We think that in the spirit of transparency this option is better for everyone!  Crowdrise will handle sending receipts to you for your records and you can see how much closer your donation gets us to our goals.  We are unpaid volunteers and the minuscule fee saves us from spending time sending receipts and verifying donations that we could be spending helping people!
  • Do you take school supplies? At the current time we are not taking school supplies.  When/if that changes we will post that information on our Facebook page.
  • Where can I volunteer? We are always in need volunteers for various needs brought to our attention.  The information is posted on our Facebook page when those times come.
  • Are you a non-profit 501(c)3 organization?Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3  corporation operating in the state of Alabama.  All donations are tax exempt. To find out how this might affect your donation please read the I.R.S. publication available here.
  • What is the proper attire for volunteers? You are always responsible for wearing the proper safety gear when volunteering.  Closed toed shoes are always recommended.   If you’re helping with disaster clean up boots, gloves and safety glasses.  If you operate a chainsaw on a OSHA site you need to have chaps.  Also, it would be wise to bring a face mask of some sort.  Better safe than sorry, you never know what is floating around in the area in some of these clean up sites.
  • Is there childcare for children if I come to volunteer? No, we don’t have child care facilities.
  • Who do I contact for media related items? Please e-mail us at toomersfortuscaloosa@yahoo.com, including in the subject line “ATTN: Holly” with who you represent also in the subject line.
  • Are you affiliated with any other organizations or charities? No.  We work in an unofficial capacity with many other smaller organizations around the country to provide relief assistance as we can.
  • I am driving donations in from out of state, can you help me get back home? T4T can’t fund volunteer efforts.  We can not organize funding to get people back home.
  • How can I promote my fundraiser through Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa? T4T does not sponsor or promote fundraising activities for other organizations unless we verify in person via email or phone where and how the funds will be allocated. If you wish to post your fundraising activities on our wall please email toomersfortuscaloosa@yahoo.com (ATTN: Fundraising) to discuss details. We appreciate all your efforts to help others, but we also want to protect the integrity of all donations made to this nationwide relief effort. We also want to protect the people who have come to trust the TFT name. In the past people have been misled and we are working to insure this doesn’t continue to happen.

This page was last updated on November 3rd, 2012.  Information is subject to change with out notice.