This is going to be an evolving process. Locations will be be started and stopped over the upcoming days and weeks and places moved and transportation help needed. Please be mindful that this information can quickly become outdated, and with no

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notice to us.

When doing clean up work please be mindful of the conditions you will be working in. Wear closed toed shoes, have safety googles & work gloves. Chaps, masks & tools are also very useful and sometimes needed to volunteer.


Birmingham-Christian Service Mission (Jan 23rd volunteer sheet}

Birmingham-Hands On Birmingham {Sign up on their website}

Clay/Trussville-North Park Baptist {organizing groups to go out at day break Tuesday to the most affected places to help salvage furniture and clean out houses for people that still need man power.}

Clay Methodist Church is where workers will be meeting in the morning {January 23rd} to be dispersed out to work sites. If you want to help tomorrow, go there bright and early, take your tools, work gloves. If you are taking a chainsaw, have safety goggles and chaps. Pack a cooler with water and snacks so you are prepared regardless of where you go. Shouldn’t have to say this….but wear CLOSED TOED SHOES.